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When your child gets home from the hospital, it may be tempting to go out and buy just about any bath toy in sight so you don’t have to deal with your baby crying in the tub. But that can be an expensive impulse buy, especially if you’re buying something you might not even need or that isn’t ideal for the age of your child at the time. Here’s an ultimate guide to Disney bath toys that will help you navigate this tricky terrain while teaching your little one all about their favourite characters.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Disney Bath Toys

Who doesn’t love Disney bath toys? These fun characters and items that can be used in or out of the tub are all fun to play with, especially if you’re a child! Here’s our rundown of the best, most durable and most fun Disney bath toys around. Whether you’re a long-time Disney enthusiast or just became an instant fan of the Magic Kingdom when Frozen came out, chances are your children love anything and everything Disney too. The wide range of products available in stores, both online and in brick-and-mortar locations, can make it difficult to pick the right toys for your little ones, though. Fortunately, our ultimate guide to the best Disney bath toys will help you sort through all of these choices to find the ones that will provide your kids with fun and imaginative play both in and out of the tub!

1. Disney Frozen: Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven

This Disney bath toys set features all of your favourite frozen characters, including Elsa, Anna and Olaf. They are made from soft plastic, making them easy to use in a tub or in a pool. Both children and adults love these cute toys!

Disney Tsum Tsum: Most people adore Disney’s popular Tsum Tsum line of plush dolls. And why not? What’s not to love about being able to cuddle with your favourite character for hours on end?

2. Disney Tsum Tsum Series

Disney’s Tsum Tsum toys have made a splash in both Disney and non-Disney communities. These cute, stackable toys come in an array of Disney characters—both classic and contemporary. With so many different characters and styles, it can be hard to know where to start—especially if you’re just starting out your collection. Here is some of our favorite Disney Tsum Tsum Series.

Pro Tip: Look for series that include what appear to be Mega Tsums! At least once or twice per series, there will be a large tsums with multiple small tsums on top. This is one of the rarer pieces in each set and make excellent additions to any Disney tsums collection.

3.     Finding Dory

One of my favourites, finding Dory has all your favourite underwater friends and characters. Plus, it’s designed with a squirting feature that lets water splash out of Nemo’s mouth when you squeeze him. The characters in Finding Dory are also designed to be more flexible and durable than some of Disney’s other toys so they can withstand use from little ones.

4.     Finding Nemo

Nemo is a 2003 American computer-animated adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It tells the story of a young clownfish named Nemo (Alexander Gould) who gets caught in a tangling fish net and has to be rescued by his father. Along with an emotional story, baby duck bath toys Finding Nemo contains some wonderful visual details that even adults will enjoy, such as different angles on everyday objects like cars, mailboxes and street lights.

5.     Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

When you think of Disney bath toys, there’s a good chance that Mickey Mouse instantly comes to mind. And why not? The one-eyed mouse is easily one of Disney’s most recognizable characters, and we can all agree that he deserves to be in our baths! While we love it when a toy is super-kid friendly, we also love toys that are fun for mom and dad too—just like these Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bath squirters.

6.     Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of Disney’s most beloved movies, and since it was released in 1989, fans have had plenty of time to obsess over Ariel and her world. One of these items includes The Little Mermaid bath toys. These rubber toys were part of a collection that came out in 1990. They were sold as part of a larger set that included sea shells and other plastic figurines of The Little Mermaid herself.

7.     Cars 3

Start with Lightning McQueen, one of your classic Disney bath toys. He’s great because he’s easy for toddlers to grasp, and his detachable parts are perfect for play time (i.e., if you place him in a cup that you have filled with water, he can splash). Plus, his red paint job makes clean-up easier than it would be if your child had played with some toy that wasn’t brightly colored!


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