How to register ICA smart services

The Registration of Arrival and Immigration Status (RAS) is a national biometric registration system that verifies your identity using facial recognition technology at immigration control points. This helps protect you from fraud, gives you more confidence in your travel experience, and also makes it faster for immigration officers to process you during your arrival at an international airport. By registering your arrival with ICA Smart Services, you’ll be able to avoid possible unnecessary checks such as needing multiple rounds of fingerprinting.

You’ll also be entered into our Frequent Departure Programme which allows approved travelers through expedited clearance procedures at certain entry points, provided they meet other eligibility criteria. In addition, we will send you important updates on security and safety information by SMS or email. If you’re required to register your arrival, you may register your arrival and vaccination status by accessing this ICA Smart Services registration link. To learn more about how RAS works,

How do I get ICA smart services approval?

Singapore citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents who have registered online with ICA’s automated departure clearance system (ADCS) via e-Services will be able to register their arrival status, vaccinations, and migration history by registering with ICA’s smart services system. If you have registered your arrival but not your vaccination status, or vice versa, you can update your records.

You may register your arrival and vaccination status by accessing this ICA Smart Services registration link. Please note that after you complete your registration, you will receive an acknowledgment email from ICA. This is a one-time acknowledgment for both arrivals and vaccinations. After receiving it, please disregard any subsequent emails from us as they are sent automatically when we receive data from our end. There are two steps involved in activating your ICA Smart Services account. This helps you more.

Complete the online self-registration form; 2. Confirm your activation by following the instructions in the email received from ICA. What information do I need to provide during self-registration? You will need to provide basic personal details such as name, NRIC number, and mobile phone number. What happens after I complete my self-registration form? Upon successful completion of your self-registration form, you will receive an acknowledgment of successful registration within 5 working days.

Once activated, you will be able to log in to your ICA Smart Services account and manage your immigration record. What if I am unable to activate my ICA Smart Services account? It could take up to 10 working days for us to process your application. How long does it take before my registration is activated? It takes up to 10 working days for us to process your application upon receipt of all required documents/information from you.

How often do I need to update my registration? We encourage you to keep your records updated regularly. However, there is no requirement for how often you should check or update your records. How many times can I use Smart Services? The maximum number of attempts allowed per month depends on which service you are trying to access:


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